A little general information

The FIO tools were built to facilitate (within the rules specified by the developers) easy collection of data from the Prosperous Universe game as well as easy access to the data via an API.

One of our goals has been to have as much transparency with the community as possible, so all of the FIO tools are open-source & MIT licensed.


FIO Rest api server

Core backend. Offers a JSON-based REST API for users to submit data (done via FIO Extension) as well as both public and user-oriented data retrieval. While we certainly have used it for our own means (See FIOWeb, FIDO, & UFObot), we’re thrilled to see what others in the community have been able to build from it.

For anyone building tools to retrieve FIO data, please note that most endpoints of public data (CX, LM, buildings, mats, recipies, etc) don’t need a login.
We also have done quite a bit of work on optimizing for performance and letting CloudFlare cache as much data as possible. Please do not feel obligated to cache FIORest responses on your own systems. We do sort of take it as a challenge to have normal operations able to handle everything people are throwing at it.

We have documentation for the FIO REST API available on https://docs.fnar.net .

FIO Extension

This is a chrome-based browser extension to facilite collection of data. One of the Community Guildlines from the Prosperous Universe developers (#4 at time of writing) is “Humans only.” After many discussions for clarification, it was deemed that collecting what the webbrowser sees is ok, as long as we’re not using the tool to drive the data collection. Since we only collect based on what a human interacts with, it’s ok to automatically grab & process that data.

The FIO Chrome Extension can be found here.

In the FIO Extension repository is a snippit which does all the same work, but as a TamperMonkey (or GreaseMonkey/ViolentMonkey, but not FireMonkey) script. This is usable in non-chrome-based browsers (Firefox, Brave, etc), or when doing development, and needing to send data to a local (or private) server.



A little web project to do some examination of data collected by FIORest. One of the big draws of FIOWeb is the planet search. For players who want to get more data specific to them, it also offers a “Burn rate” calculator (for the consumables your base will use). There’s a few other functions in there, please go check it out.


FIDO is a Discord bot which queries FIO Rest data. It’s known to be in the official Prosperous Universe discord, the UFO Community discord, PCT (PrUn Community Tools) and a few private servers.

Looking to get FIDO into your server? https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=638095116615155722&permissions=51264&scope=bot


UFOBot was created to manage the UFO community discord channel. The limitations from Discord prevent us from having such a massive channel that merely uses roles to manage which channels you see. Letting a bot do it makes it possible to manage the access lists, which would quickly exceed the number of roles you are allowed to have in a single server.


ApexChat is a Discord Bot that can replay APEX public chat (Global channels, site-owner channels) into Discord servers. It utilizes FIO chat data. Thankfully, with so many FIO members, we’re able to provide this information nearly in real-time.

ApexChat is not able to talk back from Discord to APEX, as this would violate the Community Guildlines.

Want ApexChat to play back public chat to channel(s) in your server?

FIO UI (deprecated)

This was a first run at building a client for the FIO data. No more work is being done on it, in favor of the ease of using FIOWeb instead (both from a computer & mobile device).