FNAR Industries started as a corporation in the Prosperous Universe game.

A few of us got interested in making our collaborations and data collection easier, and began to create what eventually became the FIO toolset.

Then Saganaki & Kovus decided it was time to contribute to the community in the form of Prosperous Turnip: the best, most accurate, totally real and amazing news from the Prosperous Universe.

Then in early 3021 (Ok, roughly March 2021) the universe was replaced with something even more bizarre. It’s likely someone found both the ultimate question & answer.

Somewhere in there, we started over and made the FIO toolset public. This brought the FIO tools into the limelight, where we’ve helped many other users get their data into their spreadsheets or other tools in an easy fashion.

History of the name FIO/FIOC

Kovus here.

I had a bit of a surprise after the Prosperous Universe reset in early 2021. There was this corporation called FIOC, which was “The FIO Corporation.” Saganaki founded it with a few other community members. We’d already had an understanding that I wasn’t interested in playing PrUn in the same fashion that corporation was going to run.

Regardless, it did offer some confusion with the name, since the tools were all called FIOWeb, FIORest, FIOExtension and FIOUI (deprecated). The confusion there was that the name FIO was actually for a Discord bot that pulled data from (what wasn’t really name) the FNAR Industries backend. The discord bot’s source code repo was called “oracle” because it provided all sorts of information from the game. “It knew everything.” Hence, FIO stood for FNAR Industries Oracle.

Either way, it’s sort of interesting that the FIOC name originates from the name of a Discord bot, but has no real relation to it. As a side note, in case it’s not clear, the only relationship between the FIO tools & the FIOC corporation in PrUn is 1 member plus the name.